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Have you decided to switch to Cloudways and are looking for The Best Cloudways Settings for Ideal Page Speed?

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The Best Cloudways Settings for Ideal Page Speed

The Best Cloudways Settings for Ideal Page Speed

Why choose Cloudways as a hosting provider?

Cloudways offers a fully managed cloud hosting that allows you to scale your hosting resources as you grow. They have a great infrastructure optimized for speed, performance, and security

Like many before us, we went ahead and switched our hosting from HostGator to Cloudways after doing some extensive research on all hosting providers.

The Digital Ocean Servers for $12/per month was the initial choice for us.

Cloudways hosting prices

At first, we were not sure if the resources provided (see below) were sufficient for our needs.

After a short live chat with Cloudways customer service, we were ensured that the $12/month plan is sufficient for websites with 30-70k monthly views.

On top of that, you can host as many websites as you wish within these parameters on one server.

Simple plan pricing for Cloudways

After setting up the server on Cloudways which just takes about 5min, I did some minor adjustments to ensure that we get the best performance out of our server on Cloudways:

Step 1

  • Go to Server Management,
  • Click on Settings & Packages and
  • Adjust the Memory Limit to 256MB.
Cloudways server settings screenshot

Step 2

Go to Packages in the menu and update the following:

  • PHP to PHP 8.0(Updated 2021)
  • MySQL to MariaDB 10.4 (Updated 2021)
  • Install Redis
Image of Cloudways servers settings & packages

After setting up the servers & successfully migrating our page to Cloudways (learn how to migrate your website with the Cloudways migration plugin), the results blew us away.

Look for yourself:

GTmetrix score with HostGator

GTmetrix Score for Workoutfrolic.com at HostGator

GTmetrix score at Cloudways

GTmetrix score for Workoutfrolic.com

Google Page Speed Insights for Mobile at Cloudways

Google Page Speed for Workoutfrolic.com desktop

Google Page Speed for Desktop at Cloudways

Google Page Speed for Workoutfrolic.com Mobile

Pingdom at Cloudways

Pingdom Result for Workoutfrolic.com

Having scores like that for the first time got us really excited!

It’s a great feeling knowing to have a great website performance and give your users a great experience.

We migrated our page using their WordPress plugin (tutorial) and had zero hick-ups.

It seems like the only negative feedback that Cloudways gets is for their customer support.

To us, it seemed like they’ve worked hard to improve on that front, and personally, we didn’t have any problems with their customer service.

We were able to fix any minor issues within minutes and their customer service agents were very polite and helpful.

But don’t just take our word for it:

Cloudways review screenshot of whoishostingthis.com

Trustpilot reviews for Cloudways

What people are saying…

Cloudways review screenshot of Twitter user
Cloudways review screenshot of Twitter user
Cloudways review screenshot of Twitter user
Cloudways review screenshot of Twitter user
Cloudways review screenshot of Twitter user
Cloudways review screenshot of Twitter user

Another big advantage is the flexibility Cloudways offers you.

You don’t have to commit for 1 year, 2 years, or even longer – in case you don’t like the server or their service, you can cancel on a monthly basis.

This was one of the reasons why I switched to Cloudways instead of Siteground.

I wanted to have that flexibility.

Why we like Cloudways:

  • Our GTmetrix, Pingdom, and Google Page Speed scores shown above improved immensely and speak for themselves;
  • Even though we use a lot of images & gifs, our page loads instantly;
  • Supports PHP 8.0 (unlike HostGator which offers only 7.1 for shared web hosting), MariaDB 10.4 for MySQL, Cloudflare;
  • Comes with its own caching plugin called “Breeze” which covers all your basic needs;
  • Offer a free migration that you can request, as well as a migration plugin that is easy to use (we did our migration using the plugin);
  • Based on our experience – great customer service;
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL is included;
  • Have strong reviews 1, 2, 3 and 4

Affiliate Disclaimer:

If you want to switch to Cloudways, we would appreciate it, if you would sign up over our provided links which will enable me to create more beginner-friendly tutorials like these ones.